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The Benefits of Laurel Soap

The laurel soap is a soap based on olive oil in the first place. It is added to laurel oil, whereas, the laurel tree is an evergreen tree that grows in the Middle Ages and it has a fruit from which this oil is extracted in traditional and manual ways inherited throughout the generations. The laurel oil is called the magic oil for its benefits On the skin and hair so that his leaves were placed as wreaths crowned by the victors.

It is reported that famous women such as Cleopatra and Queen Zenobia used this soap to keep young skin and shine their hair.

Laurel oil is used in the manufacture of this soap for what is known of its unique and rich effect on the skin and hair.

Unlike the other types of soap that spoil the skin and hair because it contains artificial and chemical substances may cause damage to the skin and hair.

Laurel soap helps eliminate the crust, strengthens hair follicles, and delays the appearance of gray hair

It gives the hair a soft touch and natural shine

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